Am./Can. Ch. Wicklow's Six Sigma

Date of Birth:    December 25, 2006

Profile:          Oxford is a Canadian and American champion. He completed his Canadian championship in two weekends and completed his
                American championship in four show weekends (including a great showing at Montgomery), with 5 majors.  Oxford is an excellent
                mover with exceptional muscle and outstanding layback.  He is a solid well-built boy with a square solid outline and true movement. 

                 Oxford is a joy to be around.  He has an even temperament that endears him to all who meet him.  He loves hanging with his friend
                Gracie (Paisley's Brown-eyed Girl) who rightly thinks he is not nearly as intelligent as her.

Owner:    Michael Dumelie

Contact Information:                  Michael Dumelie
                                    3036 Albert Street
                                    Regina, Saskatchewan S4S 3N7
                                    Phone: (306) 584-7673

        Am. Ch. Paisley After Midnight, ROM
      Am. Ch. Paisley Midnight Sun
        Am. Ch. Paisley Temptation Eyes
    Am. Ch. Paisley Power Play
        Am Ch. Legacy in Shining Armor, ROM
      Am Ch. Paisley Pretty in Pink
        Am Ch. Wildflower China Doll
  Am. Ch. Paisley Forever Man  
        Am. Ch. Gleanngay Gather Moondust, ROM
      Am. Ch. Wildflower Stardust, ROM
        Am. Ch. Gleanngay Gotta Be Me
    Am. Ch. Paisley Layla
        Am./Can. Ch. Wildflower Gold Dust, ROM
      Am. Ch. Paisley Temptation Eyes
        Am. Ch. Barryglen Paisley Spring, ROM
Am./Can. Ch. Wicklow's Six Sigma  
        Am. Ch. Carlinayer's Brendon Murdock
      Am. Ch. Kaylynn's August Moon
        Am. Ch. Kaylynn's Sweet Clementine
    Am. Ch. Pitterpat's London Town
        Am. Ch. Wildflower Stardust
      Am. Ch. Pitterpat's Never Die Young
  Ch. Wicklow's Holweit Mini Me
        Am. Ch. Carlinayer's Stardust Image
      Am. Ch. Shar-D's Let the Games Begin
        Am. Ch. Shar-D's Winning is Everything
    Ch. Holweit's Purrdy Woman
        Am. Ch. Bantry Bay Gleanngay Kashmir
      Am./Can. Ch. Holweit's Purrfection
        Am./Can. Ch. Holweit's Rapunzel


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