September 4, 2002 Puppy Pictures

The pups continue to do well.  They are growing like crazy and are now on well soaked kibble.  This is a very smart litter.  They took to the kibble right away without coaxing and have done the same with water.  They are very clean and have figured out if they go to the end of the pen the poops and pees just disappear (into the wood-shavings).

They have very sharp little teeth and have found out how to use them.  They are a lot of fun to play with and love nothing more than using us as a dog jungle gym.  I really believe the owners are going to love these guys. 

With the father of these pups being Swedish we were initially concerned that we were going to have communication problems but they have taken readily to English, especially when I say, "Owwwww" as they bite me.  For some reason that seems to mean attack.  Maybe it is a Swedish thing. :-)

There are a lot of photos in this set so bear with us as they load.